Charge Conferences 2020

Charge Conference time is approaching! 


CLICK HERE for the current schedule (updated 10-19-20). It was decided by the Bishop and Appointed Cabinet that, all charge conferences in the VAUMC would be managed electronically unless there were extenuating circumstances.  If those conditions exist in your congregation, we welcome a conversation to consider an in-person charge conference.  We will set up ZOOM meetings that can be joined by a computer or phone to make them more accessible.


The agenda

  • Welcome and Opening Prayer- District Superintendent
  • Lay Leader Moment - District Lay Leader
  • Business and Action Items
  • Holy Conversation 
  • Closing Prayer - Host church pastor

CLICK HERE for a Charge Conference Outline: Holy Conversation questions; Reports; Action Items; What to Share, Print, Sign and Send; and Logistics.

All reports must be entered into EVC and reports requiring signatures must be received in the District Office by email or mail one week before your church's charge conference. 

CLICK HERE for a Template for non-worship Small Group Church Meetings.  If your committees are meeting in-person in preparation for charge conference your church must have a plan approved by the DS for in-person non-worship gatherings.  If you don't have a plan, a template is provided in the link above.  If you wish to use the template, review it with your Healthy Church Team (HCT), add pieces specific to your church, and return it to the DS for his review.


  • Remember to enter your charge conference date BEFORE any reports are completed in EVC. 
  • Before finalizing Trustees and Finance Committee Reports make sure your Nominations and Leadership Development Report is complete.  These reports are linked and share information.

Roanoke District Church Prayer Calendar

Between the beginning of Charge Conferences on September 9 and ending on District Conference, November 15,  you are invited to pray for our district churches.  Each charge will be given a day to be remembered in prayer by ALL in our District. Pray for the clergy, our spiritual leaders; the laity as they serve; children and youth as they learn; staff and volunteers as they carry out the work of the church -- all are a vital part of making disciples. CLICK HERE  for the prayer schedule. 


Thank you for your understanding as we navigate this new format.  We appreciate the efforts of you and your congregation to make this a fruitful experience. Please reach out to the district office if you have any questions.