Annual Conference 2020

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Dear Virginia Annual Conference,

I again apologize for the serious technical issues on Saturday, September 19, 2020, that forced postponement of the 238th Session of the Virginia Annual Conference. Also, I thank you again for your patience throughout this difficult situation, particularly your non-anxious presence on Saturday.

Option Technologies, the consultant retained for the Annual Conference to handle numerous information technology issues, including the voting function, has also apologized for the failures and for letting the Conference down. These developments are especially disappointing as weeks of planning and preparation were conducted by hundreds of people, including Friday's simulation.

I am in extensive discussions with the Cabinet and others to formulate the best approach to ensure that the Annual Conference's business is properly conducted, including ensuring an easy-to-use and fully accurate voting system. I will keep you apprised of significant developments.

Thank you again for your patience and God bless you.

Peace and Blessings,  Bishop Sharma D. Lewis 

The 2020 Virginia Annual Conference will take place on Saturday, September 19 in a virtual format from 9 am-1:30 pm.

ALL Annual Conference delegates - Laity and Clergy - need to REGISTER between Sept 2-9 to participate fully in this virtual Annual Conference. 

Link to VAUMC Annual Conference 2020 page with the Book of Reports, Appointments, Frequently Asked Questions and more. 

Annual Conference ONLINE orientation. 

Please direct any questions to your District Superintendent. 

Local churches are encouraged to continue the collection of Kits for Conference. Specific collection details still underway, but will very likely include the organization of regional, or district-wide, drop-off locations. More information will be forthcoming as the new plan is created and finalized. 

Collecting Cans 4 Conference can't be done virtually and feed people. So as your Conference collection take (four cans or bags or boxes or car loads) to your local food bank or pantry -- remember canned fruit, soup, veggies and any nonperishable boxes.  Take a picture of your food collection and post it on the VA Conference Facebook page, then deliver it.  Thanks for your faithfulness to this project and we will do it again next year in Hampton.  Herb Brylindsen, Coordinator.