Responding to Hurricane Dorian

As Hurricane Dorian wreaked havoc on the Bahamas, UMCOR has awarded a solidarity grant to Bahamas Methodist Habitat, the Disaster Ministry of the Bahamas Conference of the Methodist Church. This grant provides immediate, emergency short term funding to address the basic human needs of those affected by this catastrophic storm. UMCOR is also working with Annual Conferences in the effected areas of the United States. You can join with UMCOR by donating to our disaster response and recovery funds. Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

Donations through your local church:

Donations can be made to your local church through your normal channels of giving.  Designate donations for either UMCOR International Relief or UMCOR United States Relief.  Local churches will then send the funds to the VAUMC Treasurer's Office with their monthly apportionments payments (or separately if necessary).

Donations directly to UMCOR:
Give to International Disaster Response and Recovery (Advance # 982450) CLICK HERE
Give to United States Disaster Response and Recovery (Advance # 901670) CLICK HERE