2019 Charge Conferences

Charge Conferences for 2019 will begin on Wednesday, September 11 and end on Monday, November 4.  The Charge Conference Schedule has been produced with much thought.  All conflicts presented to us before the deadline were avoided.  This year churches were clustered together beyond just geographic proximity.  They were grouped with churches of similar average worship attendance and with those with similar mission focus.  It is thought that conferencing in these environments at this time will be most beneficial- sharing similar challenges and successes in ministry.  Some may require a little extra travel time but we  encourage your church's leadership to make the effort to attend.  

          CLICK HERE for the schedule of 2019

Charge Conference work is to be completed in Equipping Vital Congregations found at:  www.evc.vaumc.org 

More information including Charge Conference worship will be available soon.