2019 Charge Conferences

Charge Conferences for 2019 will begin on Wednesday, September 11 and end on Monday, November 4.  The Charge Conference Schedule has been produced with much thought.  All conflicts presented to us before the deadline were avoided.  This year churches were clustered together beyond just geographic proximity.  They were grouped with churches of similar average worship attendance and with those with similar mission focus.  It is thought that conferencing in these environments at this time will be most beneficial- sharing similar challenges and successes in ministry.  Some may require a little extra travel time but we encourage your church's leadership to make the effort to attend.  

CLICK HERE for the schedule of 2019

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Charge Conference work is to be completed in Equipping Vital Congregations (EVC) found at:  www.evc.vaumc.org

Helpful EVC Hints

  • Input the charge conference date before ANY work is done in EVC.
  • Nominations and Leadership Development report should be entered BEFORE Trustees, Finance and SPRC reports since information is pulled from one to another.  Click on the "CREATE NOMINATIONS REPORT" button to put the report into the Dashboard.  If changes are made just click the button again to refresh the report.  Remember to remove all Class of 2019.  Only Classes of 2020, 2021, and 2022 should remain.  Please do your very best to include as many correct email addresses as possible.  This information will be used by the Conference and District to communicate with your church's leadership and is more efficiently done by email.
  • Remember Pastor Stats Report should include statistics from the last charge conference to the current one (NOT the calendar year).  
  • In all EVC reports, instructions can be found in blue text boxes to the right of the input area.  Always go to the very end of each report to click on the SAVE/SUBMIT/DONE button.  Each report can then be found in the DASHBOARD. 
  • Remember information remains in many reports from one year to the next but EACH YEAR it should be review for accuracy.
  • Special Instructions for 2020 Clergy Compensation entry can be found HERE.
Conference Treasurer's letter regarding Clergy Salaries for 2020. CLICK HERE

We look forward to assisting you in this work.  Please reach out to the District Office if you have any questions.  RoanokeDistrict@vaumc.org or 540-989-3335.