Lifelong Learning Events


November 30- December 3:  Church and Society Seminar on Educational Equity, Towards Educational Equity:  Investing in the Beloved Community.  All sessions will be held on Zoom with free registration for all.  CLICK HERE for more information.

December 4-5 LARCUM Event Being Formed by the Gospel in a Post-Christian Age.  Imagine what it might have been like if the best things Luther had to say about the centrality of the Gospel and its power to give us Christ could have been heard as a proposal for the church catholic rather than an attack on the pope that split the church (for which Luther bears plenty of responsibility). How might the church catholic hear that proposal today, when most of us do not have quite the same anxieties.


Resource UMC provides Local Church Learning Sessions online and free to all.  Training for worship, small groups, and connectional giving are available online, on-demand.

Crucial Crisis Conversations:  A series of sharing through webinar Zoom presentations.  Link to all Zoom webinars is available at:

 "Virginians Speak:  A Dialogue on Policing Reform, Community & Law Enforcement in Virginia" a jointly sponsored event by Bishop Lewis and the Attorney General of Virginia, August 2020, featured a panel of prominent Virginians in the field of law enforcement, community engagement and faith communities.   NOW AVAILABLE to watch ONLINE.

Bishop Sharma Lewis encourages the Virginia Conference to read the Bible daily.  Find the 2020 Bible Challenge HERE.

Clergy Ethics Training is required for all pastors serving our local churches and extension ministries.  See the schedule HERE