From the District Superintendent

Look At God!

Posted 16 February, 2021 by Rev J. Douglas Forrester

Lenten greetings to you all in the name of the God in whom all things are possible. As we move into 2021, I would like for us to pause for a moment and look back at 2020 in regard to our apportionment giving. I know 2020 is a year we are happy to move beyond, bear with me:
Based on the most recent data available to me, in 2020: 
35 Roanoke District churches paid 100% of Priority One and Two Conference
21 additional Roanoke District churches paid 100% of Priority One Conference
53 Roanoke District churches paid 100 % of all District Apportionments

Now, to put this into perspective:
In 2019 Roanoke District Churches paid their Conference apportionments at 78.07%
As a whole, Roanoke District churches paid 100% of Priority One and 5.7% of Priority Two in 2020
Furthermore, in 2019, you paid District apportionments at 75.32%. In 2020, you paid District apportionments at 80.80%.  These numbers are accurate as of when I wrote this document, and will likely go even higher. 

In what I hope was the worst year any of us will ever have to live through, the people of the 69 congregations of the Roanoke District exceeded their generosity relative to the year before. As Bishop Lewis is fond of saying, "Look at God!"

But not only that, look at you. Even before I witnessed these apportionment figures, I was just so very proud of all of the churches and clergy on the Roanoke District. I am so proud of your faithfulness, your endurance, your persistence, and your witness to the power of God in this place and even in these amazingly difficult times. In doing so, you have enabled the Kingdom to be known in wonderful ways in your own communities and far beyond. You have testified to the power of the God whose love gives us hope and whose grace is greater than the things that oppress us.

I know that for some of you, paying your apportionments as you would have hoped to was something you simply were not able to do in 2020, and I want you to know that I share your sadness while giving thanks to God for you, for your ministry, for your witness to the world, and for the new and exciting ways God will continue to utilize you in 2021.

It is an honor beyond my ability to express it to have my name associated with each and every one of yours, and it is a privilege to be your partner in ministry, all of you. May the God of all grace fill you with all joy and peace in believing, now and always.