Welcome to the Roanoke District!

Welcome to the website for the Roanoke District of The Virginia Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church.

The Roanoke District connects 69 United Methodist Churches in Bedford, Botetourt, Craig, Floyd, Franklin, Giles, Montgomery and Roanoke Counties and the cities of Roanoke and Salem with the Virginia Annual Conference, the United Methodist Church and the World in ministry to others on behalf of Christ.  

The clergy and laity of the Roanoke District are supervised by a Conference appointed District Superintendent. The Virginia Conference is composed of 16 districts serving over 1,200 local United Methodist congregations across most of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Virginia Conference Bishop:  Sharma D. Lewis (on medical leave)
     Interim Bishop:  Peter (Pete) D. Weaver (began March 2019)
District Superintendent:  Kathleen Overby Webster
District Lay Leader:  Gary Morris
Associate District Lay Leaders:  Shirley Brown and Denise Pappas

Roanoke District Office

4502 Starkey Road SW   Suite 101
Roanoke, VA 24018-8538

Phone: 540-989-3335
Fax: 540-989-0672

Summer Office Hours  (May 24- August 30) 
8:30 AM-4:30 PM, Monday-Thursday
8:30 AM-noon, Friday                     

From the District Superintendent

Posted on 15 August, 2019 by Rev. Kathleen Overby Webster
Where is God Calling You to Move Forward?

The image captivated me during each worship service of our summer Cabinet Retreat. For all eight prayer gatherings over three days, the image reflected in the towering windows of the chapel at Roslyn Retreat Center challenged me. Whether it was cloudy or sunny outside, at morning, noon, or evening prayer, wherever I sat in the chapel (right side or left, front or back), still I saw it, reflected on it, wondered about it. It was an arrow; pointing up and out from the chapel setting. I know it was caused by the reflection of the back window and eaves of the chapel in the expansive glass front. But as many times as I have been in worship services there over the years I had never before noticed that reflection. Coming so soon after our own Annual Conference I immediately noticed the similarity to the arrow on the logo of the theme "Moving Forward in God's Mission."I mediated, "Where in my life, God, are you calling me to move forward?" "What mission of yours, God, needs my involvement?" "Where, God, can I see you moving?" "What do I need to do, God, to help your mission?"I noticed that lines of the building which are so fixed appeared wavy in the reflection. "Where, God," I prayed, "are you inviting me to flex and bend and shift in order to move ahead?"As the heartbreak in our nation continues, as the discord in our denomination intensifies, as racism festers, and civil discourse breaks down, what signs do you see that call you and your congregation to take the next faithful step with God in mission? What bold new mission is God calling you to move forward? What in your heart or mind, spirit or activity needs to flex, bend, or shift in order to move ahead with and for God?

In the peace and hope of Christ,