District Lay Leaders

Brenda Brooks is the Co-Lay Leader for the Roanoke District. Brenda is an active member of Bonsack United Methodist Church in Roanoke County where she serves as lay leader, choir member and Sunday school teacher. She is a member of the District Common Table, the District Committee on Ordained Ministry, and the District Board of Trustees, as well as the Conference Board of Laity.   Her goal is to facilitate an effective relationship between the laity and the clergy. You can contact Brenda at bbrooks8@gmail.com or by phone at 540 977-4908 (home) or 540 309-3607 (cell).

Gary Morris is the Co-Lay Leader for the Roanoke District.  He is an active member of Greene Memorial United Methodist Church in Roanoke City where he serves as Annual Conference delegate. In addition to those responsibilities he serves on Finance, Missions, and Facilities Maintenance committees.  He also represents Greene Memorial as their District Board of Missions and Church Extension appointee.  Gary has served as Co-Chair of Operations for the Annual Conference planning committee in 2015 and 2016.  He is in the process of taking his classes to become a Lay Servant Minister. You can contact Gary at gary.morris9251@gmail.com or by phone at 540-793-0865(cell).

Judy Job is the Associate Lay Leader for the Roanoke District. Judy is an active member of Fieldstone United Methodist Church in Christiansburg. Judy grew up in Christiansburg and returned after living 23 years in Armonk, N.Y. She and her husband Bob were part of the planning team when Fieldstone UMC was first formed in July 2000. She has served as a Certified Lay Servant in the Roanoke District and a Lay Pastor at Fieldstone since 2006. You can contact Judy at: jjudyjob38@gmail.com or at 540-381-5853 (home).