From the District Superintendent


Posted 16 January, 2018 by Rev. Kathleen Overby Webster

For years we've had a magnet on the side of our refrigerator with the saying "Memories give us roses in December". I think someone gave it to us over thirty years ago, that first Christmas following the deaths of Harold's mother and my father.

Well, it wasn't "roses in December" but there was no doubt that our rhododendron was blooming just days before Christmas, until the first blast of bitter cold descended.


These lavender blooms, flowering amid fallen autumn leaves as winter arrived, were a surprising sign of life in a season of dormancy, of fertility amid barrenness, and a bit of unexpected color in a seasonal landscape.

What surprising sign has caught your eye? Where is God at work in unexpected ways? What small signs of new opportunity, new life, or new hope are already visible? Could your ministry be that sign to someone, some place, or some community?

Lift up your eyes and look around ...

Then you shall see and be radiant;

your heart shall thrill and rejoice ...

(Isaiah 60: 4a; 5a, CEB)