From the District Superintendent

New Vision for Disciples

Posted 17 July, 2017 by Rev. Kathleen Overby Webster

     In Training flashed across the electronic destination sign on the rear of the slow moving Blacksburg transit system bus turning at the intersection ahead of me ...

     Student Driver read the sign atop the small red sedan parallel parking on busy Main Street in Salem ...

    We could also consider ourselves Disciples in Training or Student Disciples no matter how long or how intently we have been on this journey to follow Jesus. That truly is at the heart of the vision Bishop Lewis cast at Annual Conference.

     "Disciple of Jesus Christ is a lifelong learner who influences others to serve."

    What good news! As lifelong learners, we don't have to be experts or have all the answers before we can begin to impact others. In fact it is often our willingness to grow, to ask for forgiveness, to take risks, to seek guidance (from scripture, prayer, and others), and to work for understanding that become the means of our influence, that open conversations and relationships that allow us to mentor others on this journey of following Jesus.

     As I write this I am thankful for the many lifelong learners who have impacted me by their friendship and leadership, simple questions and bold assertions, ruminations and wise counsel. In worship and shared meals, through study and prayer together, out of giddy laughter and weary tears, my life, my discipleship, my witness have been enriched beyond measure. I trust that I will continue to learn and grow. That's why I'm keeping my training wheels ready!