From the District Superintendent

Experience Resurrection!

Posted 18 April, 2017 by Rev. Kathleen Overby Webster

Up from the grave he arose, with a mighty triumph o'er his foes; he arose a victor from the dark domain and he lives forever, with his saints to reign. He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!

When we sing this song in worship I want to stand and cheer, raise my arms in celebration, break out in dance. Though I don't remember singing this Easter hymn by Robert Lowry as a child, as an adult it has become a favorite of mine. It has such a strong visual element to it ... in my mind Jesus emerges hands on his hips, feet planted in a strong stance, maybe something like a "superman cape" waving confidently behind him. 

Triumph, God in Christ does, of course! Resurrection power triumphs over the power of death and the power of sin. But not all the signs of resurrection are such triumphant ones. 

When Christ quietly enters through doors locked in fear, through hearts closed in distrust, through minds shut tight in anger and then breathes out a word of peace that is resurrection.

When those who hold grudges against each other, those who are jealous of one another, those who spit out words of accusation at each other, meet at table and, as bread is broken and cup poured, experience a new wholeness and community together that is resurrection.

When hope is shattered, brutality reigns, and every good thing seems lost, and then Christ invites us to see and even touch the wounds still visible on his body that is resurrection.

When we have worked hard, even all night, and have nothing to show for it and a voice in the dawn challenges us to try again, to "cast your nets on the other side", to reach out to those we haven't connected with before that is resurrection.

Where will you and your congregation experience resurrection this years? Will it be in woundedness or triumph, in peace or challenge? What part of your church's ministry will be a sign of resurrection to those in your community? 

Faithfully,  Kathleen